Shielded Multi-Conductor Wire

2-10 conductors and 18-28 AWG
A complete line of wire to protect against interference

Tensility releases a new Shieled Multi-Conductor Wire Package.  This wire solution utilizes a braided shield, foil and drain to reduce EMI, noise, data corruption, and signal loss.  That makes it ideal for industrial and RS232 or RS485 serial communication applications.  The drain also facilitates a much simpler connector ground attachment as opposed to the braided shield.  A variety of wire color options are available such as black, white, or gray wire jackets.  There are also a multitude of inner conductor insulator colors possible for ease of differentiation.

This Shielded Multi-Conductor Wire Package is available in 2-10 conductor configurations and 18-28 AWG.  The wire jacket diameters range from 4.3 mm for the 2 conductor 28 AWG version up to 9.5 mm for the 10 conductor 18 AWG configuration.  The wire is round UL2464 style rated at 300 V, VW-1 flame rating, and an operating temperature range of -25 to 80 °C.


Key Features


  • UL 2464
  • Foil and braided shield
  • Additional drain wire
  • PVC jacket material
  • Available with black, white, and gray out jackets
  • Multi-use data and power transmission
  • Industrial applications
  • Communications
  • Secure data transfer applications               

  • FAQs

    What is a drain wire?

    A drain wire is grouping of non-insulated conductive strands that run the length of a wire. The purpose of a drain wire is to aid in grounding a wire’s shielding. When terminating a shield in a device or component, it can be difficult to process the shield to be used. With the addition of a drain wire, the shield can be cut closer to the jacket and the drain wire can then be used to terminate the shield.

    How do you terminate a drain wire?

     A drain wire can be terminated to a connector or device similar to the other insulated leads in the wire. Depending upon the application of the wire, a heat shrink may be added to cover and insulate the drain wire from where the jacket is stripped. 

    How does shielded multi-conductor wire protect from EMI and noise?

    Signal noise that is generated from electro-magnetic interference (EMI) outside can be mitigated through use of a shield. The more coverage a shield has, the better the protection against external EMI a wire has. Our shielded multi-conductor wire product line is designed to have effectively 100% shielding, through the combination of a braided and foil shield. This shield combination acts like a faraday cage to the wire. Any induced charge from EMI will be captured by the conductive shield. If that shield is grounded, the induced charged can be removed from the wire.

    How to mitigate data corruption and signal loss in a wire?

    Data corruption and signal loss can originate from external EMI. This occurs when induced charge alters the desired signal being passed through a wire. The resulting signal is derogated and may appear to have a noise superimposed over the desired signal. This added noise can make it challenging to detect the original signal, resulting in corruption of transferred data or the inability to read a signal. Including the addition of a shield in a wire.