Our name comes from the word tensile, and reflects strength and flexibility.

We are the best at delivering basic electronic products and information to the world in a simple, enjoyable way. We design cables, wires, and connectors for a variety of industries, including wearables, LED lighting, film-making, electronics, and automation.

Our Process

Tensility’s approach to hiring and training is a bit unorthodox.  Our hiring program is set up to teach each employee the entire business; each person becomes well-rounded and informed, understanding how the details of their tasks fit into the entire picture.  Each person partners with an expert, training daily on processes and situations so that they learn how to think and adapt concepts, rather than execute skills.  We call this an “apprenticeship” so that the mindset of employees and trainers alike is to teach and train methodically and patiently.  Each new employee spends 3-6 months in the training program, learning everything from shipping to engineering on a high-level basis.  Depending on the employee’s existing skills, education, and interests, there are two tracks: engineering and business development. At the end of the apprenticeship, a unique role is defined for each person, based on their learning, skills, and long-term goals.

Learning and practicing Tensility culture is a large part of the apprenticeship program.  Our culture includes learning and applying some of the great concepts in modern business philosophy, like Brené Brown’s work on vulnerability and whole-heartedness.  It also involves learning yourself well; serving others and allowing yourself to be served in turn; practicing virtue and freedom; and working on the humility it takes to advance the group as a whole, rather than your own ambition.  The culture is not for everyone, and the apprenticeship pushes candidates to decide if these concepts resonate with their own life plans.

The combination of business discipline and curated culture is designed to bring out the fullest potential in individuals and Tensility alike.  We try to create a place where employees can bring their whole, truest, and best selves.  There are no limits to the opportunities available to employees; there is always something new to learn and to try.  In the end, we believe all of these practices will create a company that is highly profitable and extremely enjoyable…One that enriches employees, communities, and the world.

If your background does not include education or experiences in the business or engineering fields, but you are interested in applying, we would love to hear from you!  


Product Development Engineer - Mexico

Located in Bucerias, Nayarit. The Product Development engineer supports the engineering process through product development and verification to quality assurance. Daily work focuses on Solidworks drafting and quality and verification testing. English and Spanish profiency required.

Business Development Apprenticeship

The Business Development Apprenticeship gives new team members an immersive experience into all areas of the business with hands-on learning and mentorship.  Our process of serving customers requires a deep knowledge of customer needs and close work with other Tensility team members every step of the way. 

Product Development Apprenticeship

The Product Development Apprenticeship gives new team members an immersive experience into all areas of the business with hands-on learning and the ability to see a product come to life—prototype to reality.  

Applications Engineer

An application engineer at Tensility supports customers on a daily basis, ensuring they receive relevant information in a timely manner.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers at Tensility support supports customers through initial inquiry through design, and are the go-to contact for all customer needs..

Technical Sales

A person who works in sales at Tensility is able to engage our customers on their level, as well as promote the Tensility brand.

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