Our name comes from the word tensile, and reflects strength and flexibility.

We are the best at delivering basic electronic products and information to the world in a simple, enjoyable way. We design cables, wires, and connectors for a variety of industries, including wearables, LED lighting, film-making, electronics, and automation.

Our Process

Tensility’s aim is to cultivate a work environment where employees can bring their whole, truest, and best selves.  There are no limits to the opportunities available to employees; there is always something new to learn and to try.  In the end, we believe all of these practices will create a company that is highly profitable and extremely enjoyable…One that enriches employees, communities, and the world.

If your background does not include education or experience in the business or engineering fields, but you are interested in applying, we would love to hear from you!  

Open Positions - USA


This position protects the physical embodiment of the work of the entire team. Accuracy in work is important, as every action can have a positive or negative effect on co-workers, productivity, and profit.

Applications Engineer

The application engineer supports customers on a daily basis, ensuring they receive relevant information in a timely manner.

Systems Developer

Applications development at Tensility aims to make the customer experience interesting and enjoyable—both externally and internally.

Network Administrator

Network administrations at Tensility is the front-line for keeping all our systems running and safe. The role supports all departments in that goal and will sit at the intersection of many different processes.

Product Development Administrator

New products are the lifeblood of Tensility, ensuring we are steps ahead of customer requests and requirements, and this role supports new product development by coordinating all parts of each project.

Customer Service

Customer service works closely with the sales, engineering, and supply chain roles to ensure all customer requests are met quickly and efficiently.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers at Tensility support customers through initial inquiry through design, and are the go-to contact for all customer needs.

TMS Automotive Engineer

The primary focus of the TMS engineer is to lead the development of new products. This person should be comfortable on a variety of automotive platforms, able to work as a mechanic, and creative in their approach to problems.

TMS Media Specialist

The primary focus of the media specialist is to communicate and control the TMS brand, including the highly informational emphasis of the brand. The primary outlets of promotion are through social media, web, photography, video, and event.

Open Positions - Mexico

Product Development Engineer - Mexico

Engineering at Tensility is integral in providing first class customer service and support, not only because of the products we build, but because of the type of customers we serve: engineers.

Sales Engineer - Mexico

Sales people do not sell in a traditional, high-pressure manner; they are instead the ambassadors for the customers who help, guide, facilitate, and bring customer projects to completion from the initial inquiry through the manufacturing and logistics processes.

Network Administrator - Mexico

Network administrations at Tensility is the front-line for keeping all our systems running and safe.

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