About Us

The idea of “connect and activate” is not isolated to products. We expect that our interactions with customers, employees, vendors, and the community also make the world a little better, embodying mutual respect and authenticity.

What We Do

Headquartered in Oregon, we provide passive electronic components to manufacturers and entrepreneurial engineering firms throughout the world. 

We are also a custom cable manufacturer with a passion for problem-solving. All of our cables, wire, and connectors are meticulously built to function perfectly with your application, whether they are combined into a molded cable assembly or used as individual parts. If your application requires a specific part, we will partner with you to design, implement, and deliver the custom cable assemblies and components you need. Our team of engineers are experts in the details of electronic components from start to finish. 

With easily downloadable 3D models, clean PDF specs, and a how-to video library that is always growing, we are the cable assembly manufacturer that will support you in any stage of the design process.

Tensility cables, wire, and connectors are available off-the-shelf via distribution through Arrow Electronics and Digi-Key Electronics. 

Who We Are

We are a company that believes that the extraordinary is not only possible, but how life should be—both in business life and in personal life. We are not satisfied with ordinary. We expect the extraordinary in how we do business, in how we interact with people, and in the effort we make to give customers what they need.

Our foundation begins with dedication to integrity, no matter the cost. We believe we should treat others with deep respect and goodwill so that our actions will have a positive effect on the people and communities around us.

We are committed to corporate giving. We currently support programs that combat domestic violence and that invest in disadvantaged kids.Tensility is inspired from the properties of the cable itself: flexibility, purity, and strength. Our aim is to provide extraordinary customer service, remain true to what we say, and give customers the best possible product to help contribute to their continued success.