M12 Series

Robust and reliable solutions for advanced technology in harsh environments

Industry 4.0 is the next advancement in manufacturing, with technologies that are transforming traditional factories into smart, interconnected ecosystems. As manufacturers seek to leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0, the choice of cables and connectors becomes critical for ensuring reliable and efficient communication between machines, systems, and devices. Among the various options available, M12 series cables and connectors stand out as ideal choices for Industry 4.0 design plans.

Manufacturing environments are fast-paced and demanding, providing the need for robust, and reliable, electrical components. The M12 series from Tensility is designed to withstand harsh environments, with features such as ruggedized connectors, shielded cables, and IP67 ratings, providing protection against dust, moisture, vibration, and high temperatures. Reliability at the component level minimizes the risk of communication failure, and repair downtime, improving the overall efficiency of the system.

A stable, and secure, connection between devices is made possible by following industry standards IEC 61076-2-101 (A code) and IEC 61076-2-109 (X code). A code M12 cables are available in 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 pin options in 180°, or 90°, orientations. The flexibility to choose between different pin configurations, while maintaining the same form factor, is intended to account for different design constraints, whether that be communication protocol, or space.

The X code M12 options are designed to accommodate Ethernet and CAT6a applications, utilizing a shielded twisted-pair 8 conductor wire that minimizes signal distortion. Communication between devices starts with the components, and interconnected systems rely on efficient data exchange between controllers, sensors, and other equipment in real time.

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Key Features


  • IP67 rated
  • IEC 61076
  • Circular thread lock
  • Oil resistant
  • Water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Industrial and outdoor environments
  • Control panels
  • Sensors
  • Automation
  • Robotics

  • FAQs

    Why do Ethernet cables use twisted pair wire?

    In communication systems, twisting wire insulators can help minimize crosstalk and improve signal quality by maintaining a consistent distance between conductors throughout the wire length. This formation cancels out the electromagnetic fields induced between conductors.

    Why is the alignment key off-centered on 90° cables?

    This alignment is intended to allow for vertical integration of 90° cables.

    How can I interpret the threading on an M12 connector?

    M series connectors utilize metric thread coupling mechanisms to obtain an IP67 rating when in a mated position. The threading for the M12 series is denoted as M12x1.0, meaning the major diameter of the threads is 12 mm, and the pitch between threads is 1.0 mm.

    How is M-series classified under IEC 61076?

    The IEC 61076 standard is used to classify the form factor of connectors, including those in the M-series. All Tensility M-series connectors adhere to the IEC 61076 standard, ensuring compatibility with all other M-series IEC 61076 connectors in the market.