Isolated Panel Mount Connectors

A polished, flush-with-the panel look
A floating ground to protect sensitive applications

Tensility launches Isolated Panel Mount Connectors. Designed with 105 °C and UL 94V-0 rated nylon insulators and overmold. These connectors are designed to be installed from the front of the panel and secured from the rear for a clean, finished aesthetic. The nylon overmold isolates the connector shell from the panel, which makes them desirable for floating ground applications or eliminating ground loops. They are ideal for LED, medical, box-build, or systems integration equipment.

The connectors feature:

· 360° spring ground contacts to prevent intermittency

· Solder tab and cup for easy soldering

· Double D mounting hole style to eliminate rotation

· Rear nut and lock washer to maintain a secure installation

They are available in 5.5x2.1x17.6 mm and 5.5x2.5x17.6 mm configurations. The 5.5x2.1 jack is rated at 48 Vdc 7.5 A and the 5.5x2.5 jack is rated at 48 Vdc 6.0 A. Both have a maximum operating temperature of 105 °C. Customizations such as color, leads, or connector size are available.


Key Features


  • Isolated, floating ground
  • Installed from the front for a clean aesthetic
  • Matte black insulators
  • Rated to 105°C
  • high noise or vibration environments
  • LED
  • audio
  • medical

  • FAQs

    What is a floating ground?

    Most electrical circuits have their neutral grounded (connected to earth).  The ground is said to be “floating” when that connection does not exist.

    How do you create a floating ground?

    A circuit would have to be isolated from any connections to the chassis or frame that would ultimately tie it to earth ground.

    When do you need a floating ground?

    A floating ground may be used to protect electrical connections from differences in potential across a device. This can help improve safety by isolating low voltage output from input mains. Floating grounds may also provide noise reduction in signals, by eliminating ground loops.

    What is an isolated dc panel mount connector?

    An isolated dc panel mount is a connector that has the outside metal shell (typically ground) captivated in a solid non-conductive overmold.  When mounting that connector to a device panel there is no electrical connection from the connector shell to the device ground.

    When do you use an isolated panel mount connector?

    An isolated panel mount would be used in the case where a floating ground existed within the device in use.

    How does an isolated dc panel mount work?

     An isolated dc panel mount isolates the connector’s metal shell (typically used as ground) from the panel of a device. The non-conductive overmold prevents the shell from making electrical contact with the surface of the device. This allows the connectors shell contact to be terminated as a floating ground.