Dc In-Line Twist Lock Cables and
Panel Mount Connectors

In-line dc power cables with a secure locking feature

Tensility launches Dc In-Line Twist Lock Cable Assemblies and Panel Mount Connectors.  The line features a lock on the PVC overmold, which provides strength and protection for demanding applications.  The use of twist lock retention and compression spring contacts makes this product line ideal for applications such as LED lighting, automation, sensors, and vibration rich environments.  The twist lock configuration also provides additional dust and dirt protection. 

This line of Dc In-Line Twist Lock Cable Assemblies and Panel Mount Connectors is available in 5.5x2.1 mm and 5.5x2.5 mm connector options.  The cable assemblies are available in a variety of configurations such as jack to stripped and tinned, plug to stripped and tinned, or plug to jack.  Standard cable lengths are 915 mm and 1830 mm.  Panel mount connectors are available with or without leads.  The cables utilize round UL2464 PVC jacket wire in black or white versions.  Custom solutions are supported and encouraged.


Key Features


  • Quarter turn twist lock connection
  • Secure connection
  • Dirt and dust proof
  • Compression spring connectors
  • LED and industrial lighting
  • Greenhouse sensors
  • Wearables

  • FAQs

    What are the different types of locking dc connectors?

    The most common and oldest form of locking dc connectors is the threaded plug and jack. In this application the plug has a built-in thumb screw that is threaded down to the jack, forming a very secure, near permanent connection. Threaded dc connectors are used in many military applications that need to meet specifications for vibration protection. Another type of locking connection is a push-pull style connector. This offers a metal quick disconnect feature for fast locking and unlocking and is often used with multiple pins for both data and power. Some dc cables provide a twist locking overmold, offering the great security of a threaded connection with the ease of a quick disconnect, since the locking is just a quarter rotation.

    What is unique about this kind of twist lock?

    The locking feature on this series is made from the overmold, rather than metal hardware or the connector.  It snaps into place and then has a quarter-turn to ensure a tight fit.  It has the security of a threaded connector and the easy on/off of a fancy locking connector—and at a fraction of the cost. These cables are also a lower profile than most locking dc cable assemblies.

    What makes these twist lock dc cables dirt and dust proof?

    Normal dc plugs and jacks have a small portion of the connection exposed, but the locking nature of these cables covers up the interface of the plug and jack.  These cables can handle dirty environments due to this locking overmold feature. 

    Why would I use twist lock dc cables over a normal dc cable with spring contact?

    The primary feature of these cables is that they can’t be tugged apart.  Normal dc cables with spring contacts ensure that the continuity of the connection is maintained, but it implies that the cables are relatively undisturbed.  Twist lock cables have added security for situations where they might be moved repeatedly, or when installing them is difficult.