Coiled wire in UL 20280 TPU

A matte black jacket with excellent memory retention
opens possibilities for design applications

Tensility introduces a new line of wire featuring ready-to-install lengths of coiled TPU.  The wire is available in lengths of 1115 mm and 2230 mm, and straight, blunt cut ends to customize to specific applications.

This line of coiled wire features UL 20280 TPU, which ensures excellent memory retention on the coils and takes advantage of the chemical and abrasion resistant properties for industrial or automation applications.  The wire is matte black and features a braided shield.  The entire range of coiled wire is available in conductor counts up from 2C to 10C and wire gauges from 18 AWG to 28 AWG.

Coiled wire is useful for situations where longer lengths are needed, but there are concerns with space, flexing, or drooping. This line works well for robotics, test and measurement, camera equipment, wearables, small machinery, or any other application where movement is a factor in design considerations.

Tensility welcomes customization for the Coiled Wire series.  Any gauge, conductor count, or length is available for specific applications and projects. 


Key Features


  • Firm coil retention and excellent memory
  • TPU jacket for chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Ready-to-install lengths in 1M and 2M
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Test and measurement
  • Automotive
  • Camera equipment
  • Wearables
  • Desktop machinery

  • FAQs

    Why is TPU better than another material like PVC for coiled cord?

    TPU is superior to standard PVC for its memory retention.  PVC coils can easily become stretched out and do not return to their original position, thereby negating the helpfulness of the coils. 

    How is coiled cord manufactured?

    Finished wire is wound around a metal rod, baked, and then reversed coiled.  This process realigns the molecular polymer chains to allow the material to hold its shape in the coil.

    Can I change the size of the loops on the coils?

    The coil size is a function of the diameter of the wire used to make coiled cord.  Though it can fluctuate a small amount, the size is standard to ensure memory retention. 

    What is the calculation for determining loop size on coiled cord?

    Wire is wound around a rod measuring approximately 2 times the diameter of the wire.  For example, a 4.0 mm wire will be wrapped around an 8.0 mm rod and have a total loop size of 16 mm.  

    How far should coiled wire stretch?

    Coiled wire has a useful extension range of approximately 2.8 times the retracted length of wire.  Repeated extension beyond this upper limit length may result in permanent loss of coil memory. 

    What kinds of customizations are possible with coiled cord?

    Coiled cord is best when designed specifically for an application; that way, the length, flex length, and terminations are in alignment and fit perfectly for a design.  Customization can be anything from conductor count, gauge size, color of jacket, shield or no shield, termination style, length of overall wire, to length of coils. Remember—Tensility is also happy to create a cable assembly using coiled wire.  Call or email to discuss your requirements.