Assembly-Type Connectors

Designed for a production look and fast installation.

Tensility launches its Assembly Type Connector design for a production look and faster installation. Once assembled, the final product looks like a finished molded cable. The connector includes a snap-on inner sleeve that is easily assembled with Tensility’s custom-designed hand tool. The outer sleeve accommodates a range of wire gauges with an adjustable strain relief. An instructional video, PDF, and downloadable 3D model are provided through Tensility for a simple assembly.

Assembly Type Connectors are available in a 5.5 mm outer diameter with spring contacts in 2.1 mm and 2.5 mm center pin sizes, and they can accommodate outer wire diameters of 2.4 mm to 5 mm. These connectors are rated at 48 V and have current ratings of either 6.0 A or 7.0. All parts needed for assembly are available through Digi-Key and Arrow Electronics. The hand tool is also available for purchase at these distributors, and a free downloadable 3D model is available on Custom configurations are available directly through Tensility.


Key Features


  • Options for 2.4 – 5.0 mm wire
  • Outer sleeve with built-in strain relief
  • Spring contact connector
  • Easy snap-on inner sleeve assembly design
  • Rated to 105°C
  • Prototyping projects
  • Bench testing
  • Power supply manufacturers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Robotics equipment

  • FAQs

    What is the range of wire the assembly type strain relief can accommodate?

    Round wire Ø2.4 – 5.0 mm ( 0.1 – 0.2 inches), 18 AWG or smaller recommended

    Soldering tips for the assembly type connector?

    For nickel plated connectors, we recommend using a good quality flux to aid in soldering and improve joint strength.  We have found Kester 985M Flux to be a good product in these situations.  Without using flux to prepare the surface, nickel plating may cause cold solder joints or result in a damaged connector from overheating during soldering.

    Do I need the tool in order to use these connectors?  What is special about it?

    The tool is not required to assemble these connectors--it simply makes the process easier.  You are welcome to 3D print your own with the downloadable file for P/N 55-00096).  The tool is also available in distribution in high-quality ABS.  It is designed to allow the connector housing to slip over the connector with a quick snap.