1. I like one of your products, but I want modifications.  Can you do that?

Yes!  That is our specialty.  Let us know what product is most similar to what you need, as well as the changes that would work for your project, and we will send you a new part number and spec to fit your application perfectly. 

2.  What is your minimum order quantity?

Our core business is to help manufacturers with projects that are going to be released in the marketplace.  As such, our MOQs are generally 500-1000 pieces.  However, the minimum depends on what you need, how large/special/intricate it is.  We are happy to look into any size of project and we will let you know up front if Tensility is your best option.  

3.  Do you offer prototyping?

Yes, we typically offer a one-time prototype order for custom projects. 

4.  Can I get a 3D model?

No problem.  Email [email protected] or contact our engineering team at 541-323-4203.

5.  Do you have any other distributors?

Digi-Key Electronics and Arrow Electronics are currently our distributors. 

6.  Do you offer drop shipments?

Yes, we offer a variety of FOB points.  Please let us know what you need, and we can help your supply chain with the logistics.