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Tensility is built to be your custom cable expert. We love the process of creating something unique--and perfect--for a customer’s application. We are set up to make your custom design a reality without tooling costs, long lead times, or expensive minimum orders.  Learn about the specifics below! 

What is a "Built-to-Order" Cable?

1 Every cable is built when an order is placed. That way every customer’s product is built to their exact specifications for their unique application. An extra 50 mm is needed? No problem. A special connector? Piece of cake. There’s no need to be stuck with a product that needs alteration. 

2 The tooling is already done, and if not, we can build it. We have many overmolds ready to go for dc connectors, DIN connectors, audio connectors, and a many other connectors not even displayed on our site. What this means is that even when we make a cable "custom," we don't necessarily start from scratch. Need an entirely new tooling? We have the capabilities to develop an original tooling based on your design requirements. We love a challenge!

3 The components of a built-to-order cable may be ordinary, but they can be used to create a cable unique to each application. We have a multitude of common material specifications available to build a cable to your requirements. See a wire you like? Select it, choose a connector or two (or more), specify a length, and assign a color—and Tensility will make your “custom” cable assembly a reality.

* Should you need something out of these parameters...a lime green wire, a fish-shaped overmold, or a proprietary connector, for instance, our engineering and sourcing teams are experts at finding inexpensive solutions. Always ask for your perfect cable—we will probably surprise you!

Why should you buy from us? We make the process simple, defined, and economical for you. We make sense of all the information out there; we make sure you have the information you need to accommodate your application. If you aren’t sure exactly of what you need, that’s OK. We are here to make sense of that, too. Any picture, sketch, or description will work as a starting point to get customers what they need.